Peppe Voltarelli (IT)

Peppe Voltarelli (IT)

Thursday 14/12/2017 od 19:00

Peppe Voltarelli began his musical career as a frontman and key author of both lyrics and music of the legendary Calabrian band Il Parto delle nuvole pesanti. The Italian audience started to know Peppe and the band because of their breakthrough blending of the genres of local folk music and rock/punk-rock and Peppe’s raw, intensive lyrics full of elemental energy and youthful rage.

After Peppe Voltarelli left the band, this "Calabrian crooner", as he himself sometimes refers to, he became a "cantautore" –  an Italian analogue to solitary singing poets like, say, Bob Dylan or Jacques Brell. Of course, like these, not purely folk oriented. He gathered around himself a free community of outstanding musicians of all sorts of musical credos, so in his songs nowadays we can hear rock, jazz, world music as well as the Calabrian folk of his homeland. Some rock version of tarantella is never missing at his concerts. Peppe has an outstanding voice and the overall impression he gives is hypnotic.

Admission seating CZK 350, standing CZK 250.

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