Elles Bailey & The Bladderstones:JAZZ OF FOUR CONTINENTS

Elles Bailey & The Bladderstones

Sunday 13/01/2019 from 21:00

They say you get a lifetime to write your first album, and the blink of an eye to make your second. Elles Bailey wins either way, which is why she's ready to follow the widespread success of Wildfire with the stunningly mature and highly personal synopsis of a year that changed her life in forthcoming album Road I Call Home. Now, the great news for all of Bailey's ever-expanding army of admirers is that she is all set with her follow-up statement—Road I Call Home. Bailey made the sophomore record chiefly at Nashville's Sound Emporium, with Brad Nowell sharing production duties with Steve Blackmon, but also cut two tunes for it with her own touring band at Mono Valley in Wales, including her first single Medicine Man. It’s a remarkable companion to Wildfire that retains all of the fire of the debut set, but adds new maturity, perspective and downright soulfulness.  In 2019, Elles will be back on the road that she really does call home. When she arrives near you, don't think twice: get there!  She will be accompanied by a great Czech band The Bladderstones as part of a tour in the Czech Republic. The power trio The Bladderstones connects three very different persons: a guitarist who barely left school and sounds like Jeff Beck infected by rage, a veteran who enjoys performance like a hot tub after conquering the north pole, and a drummer with a big heart as well as girth, looking forward for every beat of his drums. From their performance of blues and fusion, desert funk and Texas underground you can feel the joy of being here and now (voc; g; b; dr).    

Admission seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: www.ellesbailey.com

blues & americana
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