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Wednesday 19/02/2020 od 20:00


The 2017 release of 5K HD‘s debut album, And To In A, catapulted the band almost immediately to supergroup status. Each of the members was already well known in his or her own right; united on stage they proved to be a force of nature, celebrated at pop festivals as an atmospheric experience and at jazz festivals as virtuosic innovators. Their freedom and risk-taking as a band are practically unparalleled, as is their ability to stay perfectly balanced on diverse, constantly shifting musical terrain. 5K HD sounds futuristic, fragile, epic, brutal, playful, threatening, cinematic, distorted, light and easy, dope, badass, sensitive. 5K HD is an engaging, euphorically unsettling experiment at the border between pop and high culture. And what’s more – though it often doesn’t sound that way – they manage it all without a laptop. The backgrounds and abilities of these five musicians are so deep and varied that they are literally capable of doing whatever they want; it’s one of those rare bands where the question of what kind of music they make is pointless.

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alternative pop
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