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Tuesday 25/10/2022 from 21:00

Icelandic jazzers ADHD release their new album “ADHD 8.”

It’s a fragment of frozen time, a hauntingly beautiful testimony of pausing and decelerating that the Icelandic jazz quartet ADHD share with the world on their eighth album. It’s a work between melancholy, optimism, and the step into an unknown future––recorded in the time of the pandemic, which virtually forces us all to introspection and to rethink. What every listener associates with the sounds of "ADHD 8" is entirely up to them—but the band reveals a little about the inspiration behind the new tracks: “‘Hugarheilsa’ is a song about not going insane, the name means 'mental health.' That's one thing all musicians must deal with in life," explains band member Thómas Jónsson. “ADHD” can evoke the feeling of staying in your cozy bed with coffee brewing in the background, being alone on a mountain top—or, quite on the contrary––being stuck in traffic, knowing you have to get somewhere urgently. You can call it Jazz—but you most definitely don't have to. The band's influences include Miles Davis as well as Radiohead, Dr. John and Steely Dan. Jónsson describes the band's creative process: "We all have different musical backgrounds. I think that's what makes these different sounds and the versatility of our records. Each of us writes in a different way, but we come together with respect and love for each other's playing styles and find a basis to work on each piece."

Óskar Guðjónsson – sax; Ómar Guðjónsson – g, b; Tómas Jónsson – org, keys; Magnús Trygvason Eliassen – dr.


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