Aichinger / Kleibl & Double Bartuš 4tet:JAZZ OF FOUR CONTINENTS

Aichinger / Kleibl & Double Bartuš 4tet

Saturday 30/10/2021 from 19:00

The most respected Austrian Saxophonist, Ray Aichinger, invited the 20-year-old piano player Alan Bartuš from Slovakia for this concert tour. Together with his long time fellows from the Czech Republic, Martin Kleibl on Drums and Stefan “Pišta” Bartuš from Slovakia on upright bass, the band is touring together through the middle of Europe. To a perfect mix of melodies from jazz, pop and film, they add their own originals, as well. This is a rare musical friendship in which a mutual respect for true listening and understanding takes place.

Ray Aichinger – sax; Alan Bartuš – piano; Štefan Pišta Bartuš – bass; Martin Kleibl – drums.

Admission: seating CZK 350, standing CZK 250. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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