Alf Carlsson/Jiří Kotača Quartet (SWE/CZ/SK)

Alf Carlsson/Jiří Kotača Quartet (SWE/CZ/SK)

Wednesday 20/11/2019 od 19:00


The AC/JK quartet is a collaboration between guitarist Alf Carlsson and trumpet player Jiri Kotaca. Alf Carlsson, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, met Kotaca when studying music at Rotterdam music Conservatory in Holland. Jiri - living in Brno now, Czech republic, asked two of his brothers-in-arms slovakian drummer Kristian Kuruc and bassist Peter Korman to make the quartet full strength. The musical aim for the project is, with great integrity and respect for the jazz tradition, seek other paths than might be expected from a jazz quartet. With all the musicians meeting in a jazz context, the musical influences from the different parts of europe that which the members originates, can still be heard. The compositions are mostly originals with occasional dives into the standard repertoire. Memebers of quartet play in many projects as leaders or sidemen. For instance Matus Jakabcic big band, Cotatcha Orchestra, Tippan Phasuk, Lubomir Gašpar cymbal project or Heart of Dixie. The band  recently recorded its debut album called Journeys and will bring it to Jazz Dock too within debut album release tour.

Alf Carlsson – g; Jiří Kotača – trp; Peter Korman – b; Kristián Kuruc – dr.

Admission seating CZK 250, standing CZK 150. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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