Aline Frazão

Wednesday 26/04/2023 from 21:00

UMA MÚSICA ANGOLANA in Portuguese has three different meanings: an Angolan song, an Angolan music, an Angolan female musician.

UMA MÚSICA ANGOLANA was born on the stage and it was imagined for the stage. The new album of the Angolan singer-songwriter Aline Frazão is the result of several long-waited reunions: the reunion with her band, the reunion with an affective collection of rhythms ranging from Angolan massemba to Cape-Verdean batuku, going through the maracatu and afoxé from Brazil, the reunion with songwriting and with the never-ending research for a voice which expresses itself through words, through singing, but also within musical production as a whole. Aline Frazão grew up in Angola's capital Luanda, came to Lisbon to study when she was eighteen, then lived in Spain for a long time, and has now returned to Luanda. She has been writing songs since a very early age, and in these first compositions she was influenced by a wide stylistic spectrum: bossa nova was part of it, jazz as well as the music of Cape Verde. The reference to her Angolan homeland and her Creole roots was always central. Only recently did she distinguish herself for the first time as a composer of film music, and she also sets texts by Angolan authors to music, always returning musically to Angola—despite her desire for discovery and cosmopolitanism. “From all of my records, this is, perhaps, the one that had most of my entire dedication as a musical producer, trying to recreate a sound with no borders and simultaneously deeply Angolan. Reaffirming my passion for rhythms of African origin around the world, reinterpreting, deconstructing and inventing fearlessly are certainly some of my main motivations with this new album. UMA MÚSICA ANGOLANA is a sonorous universe full of jazz mixes and improvisations, danced along with a beat that comes from within the body, from within feelings. Because reconnecting is necessary more than ever.”

Aline Frazão – voc,g; Juninho Ibituruna – dr,perc; Trigo Santana – b,voc.

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