Allison Wheeler - Winterspring  (album release concert)

Allison Wheeler - Winterspring (album release concert)

Tuesday 09/08/2022 from 21:00

A young vocalist and songwriter from California, Allison Wheeler has gotten her professional start in central Europe and is a budding talent on the Czech jazz scene. Wheeler is a versatile singer with a love for creative challenge. She was named “Undergraduate Vocal Soloist of the Year” by DownBeat magazine in 2018 and most recently had the honor of singing with Lizz Wright at the Prague Sounds Festival 2021. Her music and singing style seamlessly cross genre lines, drawing influence from the likes of Regina Spektor, Norma Winstone, Fiona Apple, Aoife O’Donovan, and others. A storyteller at heart, she uses her jazz and visual art backgrounds to construct a world of her own imagination fueled by improvisation, nostalgia and a love for impressionism. Her debut album Winterspring, features pianist Daniel Bulatkin (CZ/NL), bassist Max Makagonov (RU/CZ) and drummer Petr Nohavica (CZ), with guests David Dorůžka (CZ) and Luboš Soukup (CZ/DK). The album is newly released under the UK based label, Ubuntu Music.

About the album Winterspring:

The culmination of four years of writing and vulnerable self-examination, Winterspring weaves a narrative of hope inspired by famous storytelling and personal anecdotes. The title is a term that was created accidentally during a free write session in vocalist Allison Wheeler’s college bedroom, and she has since then been unpacking its parallels in her life. Winterspring tells a classic tale of opposing forces working together towards growth — What was intended solely as an outlet for personal expression evolved into an exploration and understanding of the human condition. Jazz-like in structure, the album weaves tales of love, light and loneliness into a unique blend of styles driven by sweeping vocals and colorful accompaniment. It’s a glimpse into Wheeler’s inner world, brought beautifully to life with the help of her band. In order to both find peace in the midst of inner struggle and to guide others to do the same, Winterspring is a message of hope and growth in the midst of darkness.    


Allison Wheeler – vocDavid Dorůžka – gDaniel Bulatkin – pMax Makagonov – dbPetr Nohavica – drAnna Coufalová – vocMiranda Perl – voc.

Admission: seating CZK 270, standing CZK 170. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.



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