Aneta & The Soul Uncles

Aneta & The Soul Uncles

Friday 11/11/2022 from 22:00

The band Aneta & The Soul Uncles was formed in 2019 as a collaborative project of professional musicians, who had played (and still play) in well-known czech bands. They were led together by the idea of ​​trying something new, and so gradually a nine-member group was born, playing energetic music on the border between soul, funk and pop. Behind the original music of the band is the author duo of guitarist and composer Honza Šobr and singer Aneta Hollandrová. The band has had a successful festival season in 2022, in which they presented themselves to listeners all over the Czech Republic and received very positive responses from both the audience and critics. So far, the last studio effort, EP Can't Adult, was released by the band in February of this year and can be heard on most streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. This fall, Aneta & The Soul Uncles plan to return to the studio, shoot a music video and work on new songs.

Aneta Hollandrová – lead vocal; Honza Šobr – guitar; Wilco Versteeg – bass; Hynek Obst – keyboards; Miki Nop – drums; Bára Švarcová – backing vocals; Nikol Držmíšková – backing vocals; Jan Šatra – trombone, percussion; Radek Němec – trumpet.

Admission seating CZK 450, standing CZK 270. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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