Atomic Gigolo & Stephunk T (CZ/USA/SK/UK)

Atomic Gigolo & Stephunk T (CZ/USA/SK/UK)

Friday 26/10/2018 od 21:00

Atomic Gigolo plays progressive, groovy music with electronic modern sounds, free improvisations, and open solos incorporating styles such as jungle, triphop, acid jazz, breaks and electro. Stephunk T. is a Czech musician and multimedia producer, who has been performing live in many arenas around the world since 1990. During this time, he has led various musical groups including Liquid Harmony, highly acclaimed in their time and toured all across Europe and the USA to great reviews. Their album Living in Liquid was the starting point for live electronic music in the Czech Republic (CZ Grammy Award 1997 and Colorfactory CZ Grammy Award 1998).

Tomáš Kozelka – dr; Matouš Kobylka – sax; Karel Pičman – trp; Jan Jirucha – trb; Joska Mucha – b; Hynek Obst – keys; DJ Bica – scr; Ashley – voc; Betty Lee – voc; Antwi – voc; Louis de Fumes – voc.

Admission: standing only, presale CZK 250, at the door CZK 300.

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jungle – trip hop – acid jazz
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