Bansal Band

Bansal Band

Wednesday 11/10/2017 od 19:00

The music of Bansal Band forms a magical triangle between the borders of jazz and Indian and Persian classical music. Harpreet Bansal writes compositions rhythmically and melodically rooted in the deep tradition of North-Indian ragas but the arrangements are a collaborative effort between all the members of the band. This results in a thrilling and playful band sound full of contrasts, virtuosity, spontaneity and improvisation. 

Harpreet Bansal (NO/IND) – violin

Sanskriti Shrestha (NEP) – tabla

Vojtech Prochazka (CZ) – piano, harmonium

Javid Afsari Rad (IR) – santur

Adrian Myhr (NO) – double bass

Admission seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200.

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