Blue Shadows – Tribute to Jan Spálený::Michal Němec, Martina Trchová:Martin E. Kyšperský, Jan Fic, Jan Švihálek

Blue Shadows – Tribute to Jan Spálený

Michal Němec, Martina Trchová
Martin E. Kyšperský, Jan Fic, Jan Švihálek

Sunday 19/02/2023 from 21:00

In addition to their own repertoire, the Blue Shadows will also present their unique program "Tribute to Jan Spálený", which was created in collaboration with the Blues Alive festival and its dramaturg Ondřej Bezr, and was presented as part of last year's festival, on the occasion of Jan Spálený's 80th birthday. Jan Spálený's songs accompanied by Blue Shadows are sung by Michal Němec (Jablkoň), Martina Trchová, Martin E. Kyšperský (Květy), Jan Fic and Jan Švihálek (Band of Heysek). Blue Shadows, a band made up of musicians from various genres and areas, released their eponymous debut album Blue Shadows in 2016 and rarely tour with their Americana style music. Their collaboration with Vladimír Mišík, with whom they recorded both of his last albums (Jednou tě potkám and Noční obraz), which won a total of seven Anděl awards and received excellent reviews, is especially appreciated. The band members are guitarist, composer (eight times nominated for the Czech Lion Award), producer and owner of the jazz label Animal Music, Petr Ostrouchov; guitarist, arranger and producer, Josef Štěpánek; drummer, Martin Novák; bassist, guitarist and keyboardist Matěj Belko; and cellist of the Czech Philharmonic, Jan Keller; the special guest will be pianist Jan Steinsdörfer. Blue Shadows also recorded the music for Viktor Tauš's TV mini-series Modré stíny (2016) and Vodník (2019), music for his film Amerikánka (2021), and in 2021 the album Vlčí stopy, which they recorded with singer-songwriter Mirek Kemel.

Petr Ostrouchov – g, voc; Josef Štěpánek – g, pedal steel; Martin Novák – dr, voc; Matěj Belko – b; Jan Keller – vcl; Vít Křišťan j.h. – keys.

Admission: seating CZK 600, standing CZK 350. No club discounts. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

americana – acoustic music
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