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Blues Alive Tour 2023 - Memphissippi Sounds

Blues Alive Tour 2023 - Memphissippi Sounds

Monday 13/11/2023 from 20:00

A unique opportunity to encounter something completely new and yet rooted in the deepest history of blues. Memphissippi Sounds is a modern blues duo made up of Cameron Kimbrough, grandson of Hill Country Blues legend Junior Kimbrough (1930-1998), and Memphis blues and hip hop harmonica player Damion "Yella P" Pearson. Cameron Kimbrough grew up right in Mississippi's North Hill Country area and soaked up musical influences at his grandfather's famous juke-joint. One day while visiting Memphis, he met harmonica player Damion "Yella P" Pearson at a club on the famous thoroughfare of Beale Street, they jammed together - and a new band was born. Their debut album, Welcome to the Land, was an international success. What makes Memphissippi Sounds stand out is their ability to blend the past and present of blues music. Kimbrough taught himself to sing and play guitar and drums. Yella P bought his first harmonica at age 13 and spent countless hours honing his sound in downtown Memphis, which eventually led him to perform alongside Beale Street legend, "Big Jerry" Parnell. While both Cameron and Yella P grew up on traditional blues, they bring a modern eclectic energy and influences to the genre gained while growing up during the rise of rap and a renewed interest in soul. This is most evident in their vocals and lyrics, which range from politically tinged to soulful and laid-back. Through it all, though, they never lose the authenticity of the blues.

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