Czech Jazz Workshop:LIVE CONCERTS!

Czech Jazz Workshop

Tuesday 25/07/2023 from 21:00

Modern jazz, blues, funk and gospel performed by world-renowned jazz musicians and their students.

We are dedicating a few summer days to concerts by lecturers and students of the Czech Jazz Workshop 2023, an international project whose prestige is growing year by year. As part of their evening concerts, you can listen to many different groups from trios to large jazz ensembles. The ensembles are led by outstanding lecturers from the Czech Republic, USA and Europe, and these professors will also lead evening concerts and jam sessions.

Michito Sanchez (USA) – percussion; Brian Fentress (USA) – gospel choir; Tomáš Jochmann (SK) – piano; Cyrille Oswald (NL) – flute / tenor sax; Jan Aleš (CZ) – piano;  Libor Šmoldas (CZ) –  guitar; Jan Fečo (CZ) – double bass; Jan Jakubec (CZ) – bass guitar; Gavin Skeggs (UK) – vocal; Bill Warfield (USA) – big band; Ondřej Štveráček (CZ) – tenor sax; Andy Schofield (UK) – alt sax) ; Štěpánka Balcarová (CZ) – trumpet; Richard Šanda (CZ) – trombone; Rene Trossman (USA) – blues guitar; Daniel Šoltis (SK) – drums; Marek Urbánek /CZ) – drums; Pavel Wlosok (CZ/USA) – jazz composing; Jan Mazura (CZ) – jazz composing.

Admission: seated CZK 350, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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