Daniele Gorgone Trio (IT)

Daniele Gorgone Trio (IT)

Sunday 19/11/2017 od 21:00

This well-established Italian trio consists of pianist Daniele Gorgone, who has collaborated and recorded with international jazz stars (Scott Hamilton, Dave Schnitter, Grant Stewart, and Emanuele Cisi, to name a few), bassist Marco Piccirillo and the talented young drummer Giovanni Paolo Liguori. Describing their music is quite simple because it is rooted in the purest tradition, but at the same time it exists and lives in the present, taking into account everything happening artistically today and filtering it all through the experiences of the three. Their repertoire includes original compositions by Gorgone, as well as jazz standards rearranged and reharmonized by the trio.

Aldo Zunino – db; Daniele Gorgone – p; Giovanni Paolo Liguori – dr.     

Admission seating CZK 250, standing CZK 180.

Band website: www.danielegorgone.com

modern jazz
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