Duende (CZ/PERU)

Duende (CZ/PERU)

Sunday 13/05/2018 od 21:00

To celebrate 10 years of its existence, the Duende Band has produced a new CD called Garden of Me, featuring 10 new original songs that balance on the margins of flamenco, Latin-American, African and jazz compositions, all the way to pop music. Despite the broad scope of genres, the repertoire maintains its song format and unified sound with an overall atmosphere accentuated by the expressive vocals of Veronika Diamantová. The composer of the music is guitarist Tomislav Zvardoň, while the lyricists of the English and Spanish texts are singers Veronika Diamantová and Alena Burgetová. The band recorded the new CD in the Svárov Studio with the following musicians: Tomislav Zvardoň – g; Carlo Zeggara – perc; Marek Novotný – p; Petr Tichý – b; Veronika Diamantová – voc.

Admission seating CZK 270, standing CZK 170.

Band website: duendeband.cz

jazz – pop & ethno
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