EDA charity concert: Vypsaná fiXa – United Heads – Jana Plodková

EDA charity concert
Vypsaná fiXa – United Heads – Jana Plodková

Tuesday 21/11/2017 od 19:00

What you can look forward to: the singular musicianship and compèring of Jana Plodková, the auction of a special pair of specs, and a competition for the funniest specs worn. United Heads - a funk band from Prague which started its career in the mid-nineties. They participated in the hip-hop compilation "Real Acid Juice" together with other Czech hip-hop legends such as WWW and PSH. From hip-hop the band has moved over the years to today's dance sound based on the funky-disco scene of the seventies. The title of the band´s biggest hit “S brejlema nebo bez brejlí” (“With or without specs?”) became the title of our annual charity concert. Vypsaná fiXa – a Czech band formed in 1994 in Pardubice by former members of the band K.R.K. Vypsaná fiXa's trademark is its interesting, poetic and often surreal lyrics written by front man, Michal Mareda, a.k.a Márdi. His songs draw inspiration from William Saroyan and Gabriel García Márquez. However, the band's biggest inspiration remains The Pixies. Vypsaná fiXa is mainly a touring band, playing around 100 concerts a year all over the Czech Republic and abroad (Poland, Germany, Holland, Italy). The band is also a sought-after headliner at summer festivals.

Ticket prices: 350 Kč


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