Ellaboration :Epoque Quartet ft. Dasha

Epoque Quartet ft. Dasha

Wednesday 27/10/2021 from 19:00

The name of the new project of the singer Dasha and the Epoque Quartet is derived from the name of the singer Ella Fitzgerald. It’s the songs famous for this jazz icon that provide the material distributed here, elaborated into new positions. The specific and amazingly complex sound of a string quartet fused with the multifarious percussions (hangdrum, vibraphone, cajon) with which Šimon Veselý excels, gives the space for lead singer Dasha to show off her uniqueness. The author of the arrangements is Alexey Aslamas.

Admission: seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

jazz & classic crossover
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