Emil Viklický – 70. birthday concert

Emil Viklický – 70. birthday concert

Friday 23/11/2018 od 22:00

With his trio the famous Czech jazz pianist and composer, Emil Viklický, will celebrate his birthday, playing his own compositions, as well as new arrangements of jazz standards. “Moving easily between classical and blues styles, Emil Viklicky explores interesting harmonic variations. This unique fusion of folk with jazz makes for a very engaging program, one that manages to be both fresh yet familiar at the same time.” –  John Adcock (Jazz Journal UK). "One of the best contemporary pianists, Viklicky´s soloing and comping, his touch, voicings and intervals have a good deal in common with fleet, tasteful pianists like T. Flanagan, J. Rowles and B. Charlap".  – Doug Ramsey (JazzTimes). "Emil Viklicky Trio has the same collective energy as Esbjorn Svenson Trio, though without electronics and rock input".  –  John Fordham (Guardian) (p; b; dr).

Admission: seating CZK 370, standing CZK 250. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: www.viklicky.com

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