Friday 22/09/2017 od 20:00

8 pm – Duo Florian “Flo“ Kern & Adrian Krug (D) (blues – soul)

Florian "Flo" Kern even uses a Hawaiian guitar in his style of playing the blues. His distinctive strong voice takes the listener to diverse musical directions, from folk to jazz and soul. Thanks to Adrian Krug's blues harmonica, "Flo's" songs soar with an intoxicating trajectory of sound. Put in a nutshell, Flo Kern's talent already qualified him to get on the "Europe Blues Train" and his great CD just happens to be called, "Train Ticket."

10 pm – Jan Hirte's “Ginger Blues“ with Jessie Gordon (D/AUS) (blues – swing)

During a long night in Berlin Jan Hirte and Jessie Gordon met and the musical chemistry just went BOOM! Jan Hirte, for more than two decades one of the best blues guitarists in Europe, and the award-winning Australian jazz and blues singer, Jessie Gordon, have performed at festivals throughout Australia and have toured Singapore, Germany, France and Spain. Now at the Jazz Dock they will be sharing the stage with Matthias Falkenau (piano, keyboard) and Dorian Gollis (bass). It will be a tight, swinging, blues, jazz and ragtime revue. Jessie Gordon – voc, ukulele; Jan Hirte – voc, g; Matthias Falkenau – p; Dorian Gollis – b.

Whole evening admission: seating CZK 400, standing CZK 270.

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blues – soul – swing
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