Giulia y Los Tellarini (ESP)

Giulia y Los Tellarini (ESP)

Saturday 19/05/2018 od 22:00


The band Giulia y Los Tellarini is known all over the world thanks to the soundtrack of Woody Allen's film «Vicky Cristina Barcelona». Their song «Barcelona» became the musical quintessence of that city. Barcelona is a place of Mediterranean joy and creativity where different cultures, traditions, ideas and images interact. Many people share their fascination by Barcelona. So, it happened with the Italian singer and accordionist Giulia Tellarini, who once visited Barcelona, ​​fell in love with that city and stayed in it. In Barcelona, ​​Julia met the Catalan musicians Mike Alemani, Jens Neumayer, Javier Tort and the Argentinean Alejandro Mazzoni. They decided to create a musical project with her that would absorb all sorts of Mediterranean folk music. The band recorded their debut album, and it turned out charming, - «Eusebio» was released in 2008. A copy of this disc once fell into the hands of Woody Allen, who at that time was filming "Vicky Christina Barcelona". He liked the album so much that he decided to include the band's music in the movie: two compositions by Giulia y Los Tellarini: «La Ley Del Retiro» and «Barcelona». Also, Woody Allen included the band's music in his film "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger". The second disc of the band, called «L'Arrabiata», was even more diverse in mood and style ingredients: a bizarre, vivid and refined mixture of early-20th century chanson elements (Argentine, French, Spanish, German), as well as swing, bossa nova,  flamenco, salsa. On stage the musicians wear bright, stylish costumes. They love to improvise during their shows. In the center of attention, of course, stays the charming Giulia.

Admission - presale: standing only CZK 300, at the door: standing only CZK 350. No club discounts. Thank you for understanding.


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