Saturday 16/11/2019 od 22:00

A mix of Afro-Cuban rhythms with funk beats and tropical melodies awaits you during another dance night at Jazz Dock. The founding member of Cabaret Mañana – DJ Pocoloco will be introduced. You can also look forward to Groove Dock resident Mr. Ultrafino and Miloš Vacík on percussion.

DJ Pocoloco – DJ, record collector, founding member and a driving force behind the Cabaret Mañana collective. His sets tend to accent lesser known and rhythmically challenging tracks varying from Afro-Cuban to funky tropical and R‘n‘B. 

Mr. Ultrafino – Groove Dock resident, co-creator of the Prague jazz/funk DJ scene, strictly vinyl player with more than two decades of musical experience. His sets are built mainly on 60's and 70's funk, soul and jazz, but they might be just as well spiced up with disco, hiphop, latin, reggae and rare obscurities from pretty much any genre.

Miloš Vacík – musician, percussionist, composer, music teacher and an accomplished painter. Miloš studied music in Brasil, USA, Egypt, Tunis, Lebanon, China and Korea. He co-founded and leads several percussion-led ensembles such as the Tam-Tam Orchestra and Tam-Tam Batucada, and is a member of the international Gathering of Drummers project.

GROOVE DOCK: Every second Saturday each month.

Admission: till 10:30 pm: free, after 10:30 pm: CZK 150.

DJ – electro – jazz
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