Gwyn Ashton (AUS)

Gwyn Ashton (AUS)

Monday 06/11/2017 od 19:00

Blues full of energy! Australian slide guitarist, singer, drummer and mouth organ player in one person together will perform again. Ashton has been hauling his beaten up National steel guitar and '63 Strat around the world for nearly 20 years, opening for top-billing artists such as Van Morrison, Johnny Winter, Canned Heat, Robin Trower and a multitude of other fine musicians, as well as headlining his own concerts from the UK to eastern Europe. He has been captured on film by ZDF TV (Germany), Czech National TV, Bulgarian TV and many other European networks at festivals, concerts and television shows across the continent. He has released six albums and one EP, came third place behind Jeff Beck and Gary Moore in a French guitar magazine poll, had two albums simultaeously in the Amazon Top 100 and records and tours with some of the world's leading rock musicians.

Admission seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.


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