Itamar Borochov Quartet (IL/USA)

Itamar Borochov Quartet (IL/USA)

Sunday 08/10/2023 from 20:00

A unique combination of the Middle East and Brooklyn. Their new album Arba, produced by Matt Pierson, was released on September 15th. With his music forming a bridge between the Middle East and Miles Davis, John Coltrane and others, Itamar Borochov was the recipient of the prestigious Letter One Rising Stars Jazz Award, presented by Dee Dee Bridgewater in 2021. Israel is a jazz superpower, as Avishai Cohen and other greats have confirmed for many years. Trumpeter Itamar Borochov, like Cohen, draws on the geographically diverse heritage of his ancestors and, like him,

has been able to fully develop his talents in the fiercely competitive New York music scene. He grew up in the southern part of Tel Aviv in the historic suburb of Jaffa, known for its sweet oranges and bohemian multicultural Judeo-Arab-Christian environment. His music is a fictional bridge between New York, his current home, and North Africa, where large Jewish communities have lived in the past. As an arranger, he has also collaborated with the excellent Israeli group Yemen Blues; his debut album Outset was ranked in New York’s Jazz Record’s Best, and his next recording, Boomerang, reached #5 on the iTunes Jazz Charts.

Itamar Borochov – trp, voc; Rob Clearfield – p; Luca Fattorini – b; Amir Bar Akiva – dr.

Admission – presale: seating CZK 700, standing CZK 400, at the door: seating CZK 800, standing CZK 500. No club discounts. Thank you for understanding. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.


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