Jamie Marshall's Amplified Acoustic Band (UK)

Jamie Marshall's Amplified Acoustic Band (UK)

Wednesday 20/09/2017 od 22:00

The Amplified Acoustic Band is a rootsy new band with blues, folk and soul influences and a sound as unique as their line-up. There is quite simply no other band like them in the Czech Republic. Based in Prague, they are fronted by acclaimed English songwriter, singer and outstanding guitar player Jamie Marshall, who is joined by three experienced and exceptional musicians, all well known on the Czech live music and studio scenes. Delivering an eclectic mix of Jamie‘s original songs and their signature arrangements of a broad range of covers, the band‘s distinctive sound comes not just from the voices of their two lead singers: Jamie himself and Svatka Hlávková Štěpánková (who also plays double bass), but also from their all-acoustic instrumentation. The Amplified Acoustic Band are a one-off: charismatic, individual, musically divergent and distinguished by their world-class vocals and instrumental excellence, they have an unparalleled ability to plug right into an audience and lead them on a magical musical journey (voc, g, g, b, perc).

Admission: seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.

Band website: www.amplifiedacousticband.com

blues - folk - soul
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