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Jan Spálený & A.S.P.M.

Jan Spálený & A.S.P.M.

Sunday 30/04/2023 from 21:00

Legendary Czech band leader, vocalist, pianist, composer, arranger, writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jan Spálený with his group A.S.P.M. will play his timeless songs. Spálený has performed in the past with, among others, Apollobeat, ASPM, the Jan Spálený Trio, and the Jan Spálený Orchestra. His music is a mix of blues, chanson, jazz and folk, and is characterized by poetic Czech lyrics (vibr; trp; b; tuba; dr).

Admission: seated 350 Kč, standing 200 Kč. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.



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