Jazz Dock House Band:feat Sisa Fehérová

Jazz Dock House Band
feat Sisa Fehérová

Friday 01/03/2019 od 22:00

This extraordinary club jam band composed of leading musicians of the Czech music scene will blast the party off with a mix of well-known fusion and neo-funk songs (John Scofield, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Miles Davis, etc.), as well as pop and rock covers (Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc.). Come and enjoy the vibrant rhythm, the energetic solos and sound effects of the musicians that audiences know from many preeminent bands of the Czech music scene (Kollerband, Muff, Aneta Langerová, NUO, Bucinatores orchestra, SOIL, Yvone Sanchez, Lena Yellow, Michal Ambrož and Music Prague, Kontraband, and Ivan Kral, to name a few).

Jiří Šimek – g; Jakub Zitko – keys; Jakub Vejnar – b; Adam Koller – dr.

Special guest:  Sisa Fehérová - voc

Admission seating CZK 370, standing CZK 250. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

fusion - neofunk
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