Jazz Dock Orchestra - Reflections by Andy Schofield

Jazz Dock Orchestra - Reflections by Andy Schofield

Monday 19/02/2024 from 21:00

For their February concert, Jazz Dock Orchestra will premiere a major new work by the band's director and composer/arranger Andy Schofield: "Reflections" - a suite in 8 parts, inspired by English poetry, with each part featuring a different soloist from the band. The title comes from William Shakespeare's description of Art "holding a mirror up to nature", and the music draws on themes from poems by Byron, W.B. Yeats, Spike Milligan, Philip Larkin and others, with the compositions reflecting the mood, atmosphere or rhythm of the original poem. 

The concert will be filmed by Czech television!

The Jazz Dock Orchestra is a modern jazz big band of European level focused on original compositions and interpretations of the classic big band songbook. In the five years of its successful existence, the orchestra has become the "flagship" of the Jazz Dock club and has worked with world class musicians such as Kurt Elling, Richard Bona, Ben Wendel, Niels Klein and others. Precise yet lively interplay, great solos and quality scores have brought the big band great renown in the wider context of the European jazz scene. The orchestra's work focuses on its own original compositions (especially those of Jan Jirucha, Andy Schofield, and Miroslav Hloucal), but also on high-quality arrangements of the world repertoire (Duke Ellington, Gill Evans, Bob Brookmeyer, Charles Mingus, etc.). Following the example of New York's Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (the resident band of the Village Vanguard club, which plays there regularly once a week), they have been performing on the Jazz Dock stage every third Monday of the month for the past five years. This long-term and regular concert activity has yielded excellent results and today the Jazz Dock Orchestra is rightly ranked among the leading European big bands.

The JAZZ DOCK ORCHESTRA's activities have culminated in the recent release of its first album, Tonight, which was created from the recording of two live concerts at Jazz Dock. It was released by the prestigious Animal Music label in October 2023 to great reviews from the professional and general public!

The Jazz Dock Orchestra consists of elite players from the contemporary Czech, Slovak and British jazz scenes: Saxophones: 1. alto - Andy Schofield, 2. alto - Petr Kalfus; 1. tenor - Marcel Bárta, 2. tenor - Suzanne Higgins, baryton sax - Jakub Cirkl; Trumpets: Jaroslav Kohoutek, Martin Jůzl, Miroslav Hloucal, Miroslav Nováček; Trombones: Jan Jirucha, Štěpán Janoušek, Richard Šanda, Tomas Bialko; Rhythm section: piano - Jiří Levíček; double bass - Tomáš Baroš; drums - Daniel Šoltis.

Admission: seating CZK 580, standing CZK 280. No club discounts. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: www.facebook.com

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