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Since the beginning of his illustrious career, Calderazzo has played in quartets led by remarkable saxophonists, such as Michael Brecker and Branford Marsalis. As a musician and composer, the pianist became comfortable in this format, developing an intensity in his playing and predilections in his composing that those ensemble’s sizes demanded. In light of the progress he has made in the trio format, Calderazzo views his new recording, Going Home (Sunnyside), as “a snapshot of a work in progress,” an experiment that continues to progress and wield an abundance of intriguing results. The recording provided an opportunity for Calderazzo to step away from his natural inclinations and approach the music in a new exciting manner. No longer feeling the need to prove anything at the piano, he describes shedding both competitiveness with his contemporaries and a proclivity to sound like his idols. He simply doesn’t want to get in his own way — and the musical results are outstanding. While a number of musicians have been featured in his trio, this time around Calderazzo employed two musicians whose contrasting strengths pushed the ensemble into fascinating new areas. Bassist Orlando Le Fleming was the instigator, continually challenging the group with his harmonic drive. Drummer Adam Cruz was a perfect foil as his controlled intensity and beautiful tone helped to refine the group’s musicality. The music generated by the ensemble showed the musicians’ desire to balance freedom and responsibility. To stimulate this, Calderazzo intentionally wrote pieces and arranged two standards without too much structure, creating a focus on improvisation and interplay, features that do not ordinarily stand out in studio recordings. The originals were generally sketches, moods or vibes, which provided a starting point for the ensemble’s explorations. The fact that Joey Calderazzo views his recent performances and recordings with a trio as an experiment highlights his continuing desire to hone his craft and progress as a musician. Going Home is a tremendous document of his musical process and a milestone of his progress, synthesizing decades of creativity into something new, sublime, and supremely centered as a composer, improviser and bandleader. Joey Calderazzo – p; Orlando le Fleming – b; Donald Edwards – dr.

Joey's solo with all star band - Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, Jakc DeJohnette :


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