Paul Novotny & Jazz Gypsy N Tango:JAZZ ON THE ROOF

Paul Novotny & Jazz Gypsy N Tango

Saturday 02/07/2022 from 15:00

We’re bringing you a special series of open air summer concerts on the roof of the Jazz Dock! Every Saturday from 3 p.m.

Paul Novotny is a Czech-Canadian musician. He has worked as a guitar player, arranger, and composer with numerous bands and orchestras in Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, and Europe. Jazz Gypsy N Tango is a trio that plays a potpourri of styles that reflect Paul's life in various parts of the world – modern American jazz, Argentinian tango nuevo, South American samba, and French jazz manouche. Jazz Gypsy N Tango plays a music filled with passion and emotion, performed by virtuoso musicians.

Paul Novotny – g

Aliaksandr Yasinski – acc

Petr Tichý – b



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