Edi Nulz  + Janoušek-Wróblewski Quartet:Mladí ladí jazz 2021

Edi Nulz + Janoušek-Wróblewski Quartet
Mladí ladí jazz 2021

Saturday 12/06/2021 from 21:00

Edi Nulz (AUT) (punk-jazz) „Mangy chamber punk jazz" (Andreas Felber, Ö1) What seems to be pure anarchy is in fact carefully choreographed music that constantly pulls the rug from under you: the bass clarinet can be anything from a bass instrument to a solo singer, the guitar takes the rhythm but also the bass or solo parts, while the drums deftly link all these elements. This is devil-may-care music, a hilarious tightrope walk between insanity and precision. Edi Nulz: Grand audio drama, baby.

Janoušek-Wróblewski Quartet (CZ) (postmodern jazz) JWQ is an acoustic quartet that was originally influenced by the New York jazz downtown (Sex Mob, Medeski-Martin-Wood, Bobby Previte, Ray Anderson, Marty Ehlrich). It combines improvised music with compositions written by both wind instrument players Štěpán Janoušek and Michal Wróblewski. The compositions are eclectic and draw on various jazz and other traditions. In March 2019 the ensemble released their debut virtual double album Svatby / Plesy and in October 2021 will be released their second album, which will reflect the ensemble's concerts.


Admission - seats only - in the front part of the club 300 CZK, in the back 220 CZK (these tickets are temporarily sold under the name standing place). Student under 26 years CZK 170. It is no longer necessary to reserve a seat when purchasing a seat ticket.

According to the restrictions of the government of the Czech Republic, entry to the concert is limited by valid regulations. We do not want to control you unnecessarily, and that is why we approach the solution in the form of each viewer's own responsibility. Anyone who buys a ticket for a concert also honestly declares that they have been vaccinated, tested negative for antigen or PCR, or that they have had Covid-19 and recovered at least 180 days prior to entry. Thank you for your understanding!



Band website: www.mladiladijazz.cz

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