JAZZBIT (Mladí ladí jazz)::Magdaléna Ochotná & The Clumsies (CZ)

JAZZBIT (Mladí ladí jazz)

Magdaléna Ochotná & The Clumsies (CZ)

Tuesday 29/09/2020 od 19:00

For eight years already, the concert series “Jazzbit,” sister project to the Mladí Ladí Jazz Festival, has been showcasing the young talents of the Czech and foreign jazz scenes: Oran Etkin (USA), Femi Temowo (UK) or Eggnoise.

Magdaléna Ochotná & Manoli (CZ)

They are six young musicians who evoke a cheerful mood and a relaxed atmosphere, which they spread among their listeners. They serve their own repertoire of all tastes from pop, country, folk and indie to Latin and jazz. The band participated in the competition for young jazz musicians Jazzfruit and was selected by the judges for its semifinals.

The Clumsies (CZ)

Their music is the embodiment of the entire cosmic ether. It will intoxicate your ears so that you wish it never ended and sounded until the end of the world. Indian-pop music may sound conservative to the accompaniment of the violin, but no one will miss the moshpit.

Whole evening admission: under 26 - CZK 120. Seating one price: CZK 220. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Band website: www.mladiladijazz.cz

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