JAZZBIT (Mladí ladí jazz) :Sinfonia De Carnaval : Free Balkan Quintet

JAZZBIT (Mladí ladí jazz)
Sinfonia De Carnaval
Free Balkan Quintet

Wednesday 26/06/2019 od 20:00

For eight years already, the concert series “Jazzbit,” sister project to the Mladí Ladí Jazz Festival, has been showcasing the young talents of the Czech and foreign jazz scenes: Oran Etkin (USA), Femi Temowo (UK) or Eggnoise.

Whole evening admission: under 26 - CZK 100, older than 26 - CZK 180. Seating one price: CZK 250. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: www.mladiladijazz.cz

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