Sirsch + Luciana:Mladí ladí jazz 2021

Sirsch + Luciana
Mladí ladí jazz 2021

Wednesday 25/08/2021 from 21:00

Sirsch (CZ) (jazz - new pop)

The members of Sirsch cover several areas of the Czech Republic and proudly subscribe themselves to the genre called new pop, but as they admit, their work is too alternative for the current mainstream. The listener can look forward to a variety of music style combinations, from jazz to American groove. In June 2021 the band released its debut album called Abortivum.

Luciana (CZ) (alternative soul -  pop - lo-fi)

Goosebumps, charisma, and freedom. The Prague-Brno based band Luciana was formed in 2019 as a fusion of the charismatic soul singer Luciana Tomášová and Brno musicians - Jury Habarta (Ghost Of You, Čau Česko), Vojtěch Vaida (Phoibos, Lydian project) and David Pšenčík (Acute Dose, David Invalid & Individual Band). An unmistakable voice, both soft and rough, jazz drums with lo-fi guitar and bass, it's all Luciana.

Admission:  standing students under 26 years: CZK 140, adults: CZK 190, seating: CZK 240


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