Jiří Levíček 2 x Duo

Jiří Levíček 2 x Duo

Thursday 28/12/2017 od 19:00

Jiří levíček took home the first prize at the prestigious Phillips International Jazz Competition, where he sat in the jury the following year. In 2010, he participated in the Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition (Florida), winning the 3rd prize. He currently devotes his efforts primarily to playing in a trio and other small ensembles. Jiří´s jazz compositions are to some extent influenced by classical music, to which he is fully dedicated as a pianist and composer. He is inspired by the expressiveness of post-romanticism and the Second Viennese School, a music based on looser harmonic ties or even atonality. The sonic colors of his compositions and the sensitivity of his orchestration showcase nuances often associated with the experience of classical music. Jiří Levíček is pianist of front Czech jazz trio - Robert Balzar Trio.

Admission seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.

Band website: www.jirilevicek.com

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