Julius Baroš Quartet

Julius Baroš Quartet

Monday 14/08/2017 od 22:00

This combo comprises three generations and is inspired by the music of fifties and sixties. The leader Julius Baroš is an excellent trumpeter known for his work with, for example, Laco Deczi or Štěpán Markovič in ESP. He has played in many Prague big bands and was a long-term member of the Film Symphony Orchestra. The youngest generation is represented by the leading talent of the Czech jazz scene bass player Tomáš „Kaštan“ Baroš. The rhythm section is supplemented by the experienced sidemen guitarist Jaroslav „Barney“ Kantor and the drummer Radek Němejc. Julius Baroš – trp; Tomáš Baroš – b; Jaroslav Kantor – g; Radek Němejc – dr.

Admission seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.

Band website: www.facebook.com

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