KHAMORO: Marian Badoi Trio (F)

Marian Badoi Trio (F)

Saturday 26/09/2020 od 20:00

There are not many Roma accordion players playing gypsy jazz in the world. Even fewer are those who got among the world class musicians in their genre and still preserved their music authenticity coming out of the inspiration drawn from their country of origin, which in the case of Marian Badoi is Romania. Even though most of gypsy jazz musicians consider the iconic Djang Reinhardt to be their role model, hardly anybody is so often compared to him as Marian Badoi. Full absorption in music and incredible improvisation alternating with perfect rendition of the most famous (gypsy) jazz classical pieces is what interconnects these two artists who could not possibly meet each other, but have more in common than anybody would expect. In Prague, Marian will be accompanied by Joris Viquesnel, the guitarist, and Olivier Lorang, the double bass player.

Admission: seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200.

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