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KHAMORO: The Rosenbergs (NL)

The Rosenbergs (NL)

Thursday 24/09/2020 from 20:00

The name “The Rosenbergs” can easily be mistaken for the name of the iconic band “The Rosenberg Trio”. Also, the musicians themselves may seem familiar to the audience. No wonder since Mozes Rosenberg, the band´s frontman and solo guitarist, is the youngest brother of Stochel Rosenberg for whom he covers in The Rosenberg Trio, whenever necessary. The rhythm guitar is played by Johnny Rosenberg, who at an early age already was a member of Gipsy Kids and Sinti, the children´s super band. Their music is grounded by double bass player, Sani van Mullen, who is in great demand across the gypsy jazz scene. The Rosenbergs will offer everything you like about gypsy jazz and even a bit something extra – inspiration by Spanish rhythms and the biggest names in modern times music, starting from George Gershwin through Charles Aznavour to Frank Sinatra.

Admission: seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200.

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