Krajina Ró

Krajina Ró

Saturday 02/03/2024 from 19:00

Poetic calm and a hard rock roar: typical for Krajina Ró is the combination of Anna Břenková's girlish alto and Michal Němec's round baritone. Both voices are equally at home in calm poetic lyrics and the rough throwing of words. The band's sound is characterized primarily by distinctive effects, original riffs, but also by the ethereal melodies of guitar wizard Tomas Frolik. Johnny Judl's driving bass guitar and Michael Nosek's dense drums are not only perfectly working machinery, but also solo instruments that expand the Ró landscape with their colorful and creative approach. The landscape of Ró is nothing less than psychedelic-hard rock poetry!

"Anyone who knows Michal Němec knows that after more than forty years on the alternative scene he is an unpredictable person. We probably wouldn't expect such a deep dive into the rock sound from him … the musicianship of the individual members of Krajina Ró is a separate experience. Tomas Frolik is one of the most creative guitarists in this country. Add to that a brilliant rhythm section ... the soothing alto mingles with the dark timbre of the male voice, and when they meet in a song as powerful as “The Holey Hour,” it's like streetlights lighting up in the autumn fog. Conversely, the singing in “Here I am,” or “Broccoli,” is a little frightening and irritating; here the beast awakens..." (Josef Vlček – Headliner). 

Michal Němec – voc, g; Anna Břenková – voc; Tomáš Frolík – g; Johnny Judl Jr. – b; Michael Nosek – dr.

Admission: seating CZK 350, standing CZK 250.  It is no longer necessary to reserve a seat when purchasing a seat ticket.


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