Lena Yellow & Diva Baara

Lena Yellow & Diva Baara

Wednesday 03/10/2018 od 19:00

Diva Baara is the sensuous pseudonym of this elegant swinging diva, flirtatious singer, songwriter and lyricist who glides between pop and jazz, lacing her music with electro-swing elements. In Jazz Dock she will perform with a seven-member band: Diva Baara – voc; Veronika Němcová – keys, voc; Lena Yellow – voc; Jakub Juránek – g; Petr Tichý – b; Mishan Pajdiak – dr; Radek Krampl – vib.

Lena Yellow is a soul singer-songwriter working in collaboration with composer and pianist Tomas Sykora. Their music reflects a wide range of musical influences including Afro-American soul, pop and jazz. Their debut Positivity (2014) is literally brimming with positive energy. The eponymous tour ended with a high-profile gig supporting the world-renowned acid-jazz band Incognito at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. Lena Yellow – voc; Tomáš Sýkora – keys; Jan Urbanec – b;  Adam Koller – cajon;  Anny Almeida – voc; Bára Vaculíková – voc.

Admission seating CZK 300, standing CZK 200. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

pop - jazz
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