Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika

Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika

Wednesday 20/06/2018 od 21:00

Baromantika as a super band of author personalities (Patrick Karpentski, Viliam Béreš), today speaks its own musical language, which moves in warm and cold acoustic-electronic landscapes. Passion and impulsiveness of  Dusilová, who often seems not to perceive the surrounding world when being deep in her song, is uniquely balanced by  sophisticated, often collectively created  music.

Lenka Dusilová – voc, g, loops

Beata Hlavenková – keys, voc

Patrick Karpentski – g, b

Matěj Belko – keys, samples

Martin Novák – dr, samples

Admission - presale: seating CZK 550, standing CZK 300, at the door: seating CZK 650, standing CZK 350. Seating will be held in a special “theater" arrangement–without tables, with chairs in rows. No club discounts. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: lenkad.com

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