Lenka Nová

Lenka Nová

Saturday 22/12/2018 od 22:00

Lenka Nová, a singer with a luscious, velvety alto voice, established herself in the Czech music scene with the band Laura and Her Tigers. In 2012, she went solo. Since 2008, she has been working closely with lyricist Michal Horáček, with whom she is currently cooperating on a new CD, a follow up to her successful solo album Psí hodina. In 2013, the album Czech Calendar, on which she participated also as songwriter, was released, going on to become the bestseller of the year. Her concerts offer an unforgettable musical experience at once intimate and intense. Lenka´s captivating voice is accompanied by musicians of the highest order: Matej Benko – piano; Lukáš Pelikán – guitar; Jan Tengler – double bass; Dano Šoltis – drums.

Admission seating CZK 370, standing CZK 250. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: lenonova.wix.com

alternative pop - chanson
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