Leontinka „Sweet Sixteen“

Leontinka „Sweet Sixteen“

Thursday 23/09/2021 from 19:00

The Leontinka Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary last year – but due to the epidemic situation they have not yet been able to celebrate their “ID card” with their supporters. As part of this benefit concert, a jazz group of young blind and partially sighted musicians will perform, featuring Martin Jozifek – piano, Jakub Blažek – saxophone, harmonica, Rachel Skleničková – piano and vocals, Bára Mirgová – vocals, and more.

More information about the Leontinka Foundation at www.nadaceleontinka.cz or at www.facebook.com/nadaceleontinka.

Reservation of seats at kralova@nadaceleontinka.cz

Admission: seats CZK 100, standing CZK 50, the ticket price is symbolic and it will be possible to support the Leontinka Foundation with a higher amount on the spot. Admission is in favor of the Leontinka Scholarship project, which has long supported blind and partially sighted musicians on the path to their musical dreams.

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