Libor Šmoldas Rare Standards Quartet

Libor Šmoldas Rare Standards Quartet

Sunday 14/07/2024 from 21:00

Guitarist Libor Šmoldas, who usually performs solo, with his Organ Trio or accompanies guests abroad, devoted himself during the coronavirus cultural break to a series of online videos called "One Rare Standard and Week". Every week, he reintroduced one of the little-known but the more interesting jazz standard. Prague is home to one of Europe's top jazz guitarists, Libor Šmoldas.  Besides leading Czech and European musicians, he has worked, toured and recorded with international stars such as bassists Jay Anderson and George Mraz, drummers Jeff Ballard and Adam Nussbaum, organists Sam Yahel, Ondřej Pivec and Brian Charette and legendary saxophonist Bobby Watson. Libor’s concert activities span four continents—Europe, the USA, Australia and China—in cities like New York, Dublin, Sydney, Beijing, Istanbul, Berlin, Amsterdam and London, in the world’s most prestigious jazz clubs like Pizza Express, Iridium, Dear Head Inn, Bennett’s Lane, Smalls and Blue Note. Libor has released multiple albums both as leader and sideman. Still young, at the age of 36, Libor is widely considered to be one of the best jazz musicians in the Czech Republic and a leading representative of his generation. Critics appreciate his smooth, melodic approach backed by his apparent love of jazz.

Libor Šmoldas – g, Mikuláš Pokorný – p, Taras Vološčuk – b, Daniel Šoltis – dr.

Admission seating CZK350, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.


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