Limbo (CZ/SK/UKR)

Limbo (CZ/SK/UKR)

Thursday 03/08/2017 od 22:00

The music of Limbo is created in the moment, on stage. It draws from long-term musical experiences and the outstanding creativity of its individual personalities. As far as the level of style and the genre is concerned, it is quite varied and it cannot be “labelled” in the good sense of the term. This band appears on stages all over the Czech Republic.

Pavel Hrubý – saxes, bass-clarinet; František Kučera – trumpet, fluegelhorn; Taras Voloshchuk  – double bass; Dušan Černák – drums.

Admission: seating CZK 200, standing CZK 150.

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jazz – world music – improvising
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