Thursday 16/09/2021 od 21:00

Emerging from Bratislava, Slovakia, Longital is a cosmopolitan trio with a thoroughly striking glimpse of genius. Creators of songwriting imagery infused with rock, folk, electronica, poetry and prodigious experimentation. Music that pumps you up with its pyrotechnic energy just before putting you gently back down to a state of blissful levitation. Shina plays bass guitar, sings and dances in a rain of feathers. Daniel resembles a happy genie escaping from Aladdin’s lamp, while the sounds and noises made on his acoustic guitar are beyond the believable. Longital has arrived at its best: as a powerful trio with an excellent drummer and pianist Marián Slávka and with the acclaimed new album Divoko (“Wildly”). To date Longital have toured 12 European countries, as well as Canada and the US, including the famous SXSW festival Austin. 

Admission seating CZK 400, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

Band website: www.longital.com

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