Luboš Soukup Quartet ft. David Dorůžka :New CD Release

Luboš Soukup Quartet ft. David Dorůžka
New CD Release

Sunday 03/12/2017 od 21:00

The music of this Copenhagen-based band has been written by the Czech saxophonist and composer Luboš Soukup.  He cooperates with German pianist Christian Pabst, a stand out soloist with amazing piano sound who brings a fresh lyrical poetry to the music. Danish bassist Morten Christian Haxholm Jensen has a mature approach to making music having recorded a number of albums with famous American musicians (J. Kreisberg, M. Aldana). The quartet is completed with Danish drummer Morten Hæsum, currently one of the most sought-after drummers of the Danish jazz scene. His highly interactive and explosive playing brings out the best in his bandmates and animates the compositions. To date the band has released two albums – Beyond the Borders and Through the Mirror – and is recording a new one this year featuring African guitarist Lionel Loueke.

Luboš Soukup – sax; Christian Pabst – p; Morten Christian Haxholm Jensen – b; Morten Haesum – dr.

Admission seating CZK 250, standing CZK 180.

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