Marešová Yasinski RAZAM

Marešová Yasinski RAZAM

Sunday 09/02/2020 od 21:00

World music with strong Slavic roots in which musicians from Czechia, Belarus and Russia get together. Originally, they performed as the trio Marešová-Yasinski-Vašíček, having released in 2016 the successful album Kéž bouře by přišla (If a Storm Would Come). Later they began working with violinist Ilia Chernoklinov and drummer Radek Doležal. Their songs are based mainly on the phenomenal accordion work of Aliaksandr Yasinski and the expressive voice of Iva Marešová. Marešová and Yasinski perform as a duo, but more often you can see them with their band RAZAM, which in Belarusian means together. Their concerts are gaining even more variety as all the compositions have arrangements for different sized groups, up to a symphony orchestra. Their lyrics are mainly in Czech, but also in Belarusian and Macedonian. Marešová Yasinski RAZAM are currently working on a new studio album. The vigor, authenticity and sound of RAZAM’s live concerts always guarantee a great musical experience.

Iva Marešová – vocals

Aliaksandr Yasinski – accordion

Michael Vašíček – guitars, bases

Ilia Chernoklinov – viola, piano

Radek Doležal – drums, percussion, piano

Petr Janeček – sound engineer

Admission: seating CZK 350, standing CZK 250. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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