Marina & The Kats

Marina & The Kats

Friday 14/06/2024 from 22:00

Fresh, innovative indie swing from Vienna.

Originally a trio, now a quartet, Marina & The Kats has been one of the most exciting and trailblazing bands in Austria (if not Europe) for years, as anyone who has ever had the chance to catch one of their many high-octane shows will confirm. No fewer than three of the four band members play drums. "Joint drum duties doesn’t make life easy," the band admits, "but it makes for an immense listening experience." – and that’s the Marina & The Kats trademark: a totally independent sound that grabs the songs by the scruff of the neck and ensures that no one will be leaving the venue without their groove on. This sound is clear to hear in the songs on their new album, which the band recorded over the last few months with founder members Marina and Thomas at the helm. Their new record Different is, on the one hand, as coarse as it is frank, infused with a reassuringly rough and ready swagger.

Admission - presale: seating CZK 600, standing CZK 300, at the door: seating CZK 700, standing CZK 350. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.

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