Marta Töpferová Latin Trio

Marta Töpferová Latin Trio

Friday 27/05/2022 from 19:00

Marta Töpferová is one of the most unique singers and songwriters of her generation. She has been heavily influenced by Czech and Slavic musical traditions, as well as Latin American folk music. As a steady creative force on the New York music scene for sixteen years, Marta has collaborated with some of the best musicians from the Latin, jazz and world-music circles—and this experience has forged a dynamic mix of styles in her work. Marta recently returned to her homeland, the Czech Republic, in order to launch an ensemble of Czech and Slavic music - Milokraj - meaning "beloved land". To date, Marta has released nine albums—three in Czech, five in Spanish, one in English—and has toured the U.S., Europe, Argentina and Thailand.

Marta Töpferova (CZ) – vocals, guitar, cuatro, percussion

Alejandro Soto Lacoste (Chile) – vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar, piano

Gabo Naas (Argentina) – vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass, clarinet

Admission: presale seating CZK 400, standing CZK 200. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.


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